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I had no knowledge of Chemistry due to the different curriculum in my previous school so when I arrived at my international school I was behind and had low confidence. I struggled through iGCSE and was able to take standard level IB Chemistry. After the first term I was predicted a high 3. I felt helpless. I was recommended my tutor at hometutorworld and opted for weekly sessions. We first caught up on the material and after a few weeks of personalised tuition my performance improved dramatically. We also looked at past paper questions and “unpicked them” as opposed to just doing them. We kept up the tuition throughout the 2 years even though my results were going well. I got a 7!!!
I managed to secure a place at Warwick University with 40 points. The 3 points I gained through tutoring allowed this to happen. The tutoring helped with more than just grades – it also made me more confident and motivated in my ability to learn and fuelled my interest to do further readings in order to enhance my understanding on the material I had to learn throughout the hard 2 years of IB.

Thanks a million!!!

Prisci S - Vietnam Star review!!!

HTW online chemistry tutoring helped me get from a 2 (failing conditions) to a 4 (pass) when I thought all hope had gone. Me and my mum are so pleased. Thanks very much.

Elliot L - Bratislava Helped me pass

HTW online chemistry is helping me re-find the focus and successes I had in Yr12. My tutor has put my mind at ease, helped with the planning and given me the support, confidence and special tricks to succeed in the final exams. Thanks Mr H!

M Nguyen - Vietnam Ongoing IB support